The Clinic of the Upledger Institute Hungary (UIH), the Hungarian Satellite of UII was founded in 2009 and has been run by Orsolya Gábriel, who has introduced CranioSacral Therapy to Hungary in 2004.

Péter Sághy

Péter Sághy

I am Peter Sághy, certified CranioSacral Therapist with CST-T International Certification, and Naturopath. I have always been interested in the functioning of the Human Body, but until my 40 years of age I worked in other fields of life in Hungary and abroad as well.

My first experience with CranioSacral Therapy was more than 10 years ago. At that time as a patient, I was among the first ones who could witness the beneficial effects of the therapy with the help of a good childhood friend of mine, Orsolya Gábriel, who brought the method from America to Hungary. In 2010 she was the one who encouraged me to discover better the therapy, this way beyond our old friendship, now we are connected professionally too. That was the time when I began to put more emphasis on maintaining more natural life, natural healthcare, on physical, mental and spiritual development.

I have completed all the courses available in Hungary within the educational framework of The Upledger Institute. This way I have built a continuously higher level of knowledge base that I use of great pleasure for supporting and healing my patients.

Since acquiring my international CST-T Certificate, I have been playing an active role in the Hungarian therapist education program too. At courses, I work as a Teaching Assistant, at further trainings held for our certified students, as a Study Group Leader. Besides, I apply the Tibetan Prananadi techniques - primarily on myself - to be able to give the best and most effective treatment to my patients.

With CranioSacral Therapy I have found a scientifically based method which does not treat body and mind separately, but together with holistic approach.

In our health centers I witness every day new “miracles”, be it the termination of our patients’ chronic pain, the improvement of certain organic problems, or the release of serious emotional blocks causing severe somatic symptoms. It is worth learning and doing CranioSacral Therapy for those moments, when e.g.: a non-speaking child says the first word, or a spine surgery is cancelled due to sudden improvement in condition. I wish everyone could experience this effective and unique method in Hungary too, this way being a part of the Miracle.

Courses: CST1, CST2, SER1, SER2, ADV1, ADV2, CSP1, SICS, TBS, HFC, VM1, VM2

International Certifications: CST-T

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Qualifications: CST1, CST2, SER1, SER2, ADV1, ADV2, CSP1, HFC, VM1, VM2, TBS1

International qualifications: CST-T